This portion of Astral Space is the realm of humanity’s shared dreams and imaginings. Here, visitors can find versions of every legendary figure, fictional character, deity and cartoon character drawn, written about or imagined, as well as all of the actual, legendary and imaginary lands humanity has ever known. temenos01.jpg 7 in 10 of the inhabitants of the Temenos are more like walking scenery than intelligent beings. Mages refer to these beings by many names. The most common is “scenery people.” Mages in the Temenos often see people who resemble background characters in popular movies and televisions shows as well as people the mages casually know. temenos02.jpg Residents make up 95% of the non-scenery inhabitants of the Temenos, and mages who seek to interact with individuals in the Temenos are likely to encounter residents. Opinions on the origin of residents differ. Some mages claim residents are spirits of the dead who have been reborn in the Temenos. Other mages believe residents are spontaneous free-willed creations of humanity’s collective unconscious. temenos03.jpg Not everyone in the Temenos is a native. Just as mages can visit this realm, so can beings from other planes of existence. Naturally, some of the individuals mages encounter in the Temenos are other mages who have also astrally traveled there. However, entities from the Shadow world, the Underworld and even the Abyss also find their way into the Temenos.

Encounters within Temenos

The Suburbs

The farthest corner of an expanse of American community living.


The suburbs sprawl for as far as the eye can see. Every street ends in a cleanly kept park, and children play in every cul de sac. Birds sing as music floats from open windows. The smell of apple pie fills every yard and the American flag is flown prominently on nearly every eve. Right on cue, every man comes home in a four door gas guzzling iron giant. Each tips their hat to the odd fellow on the street and then enters their home.
Hip-Hop music, gang violence and drug-peddling minorities exist just beyond the reach of this Astral Realm, always just far enough away to not be the community’s problem.
As the sun sets and the moon rises monsters begin exiting The Scary House.

Thematic Music

The Scary House

“That one, at the end of the street! I heard a kid died in there once.”


The scary house lies at the end of every street and is inhabited by a plague of monsters. It lies at the edge of The Suburbs and is backed by the primal expanse of The Wilderness.

A Plague of Monsters

Creatures that make up a spirit of fear for The Suburbs.


Monsters of every sort make up a spirit of malevolent intent.

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Sins of the Father MorganWilliams