Jehrameel Leeds

"Hell is empty and all the devils are here..."


After helping Murray Holbrook track Jehrameel, the players decided to let Jehrameel go in peace with his new ward, Linny Boyce.
Jehrameel was grateful for the players’ aid, and has phone numbers for both Will Taylor and Daniel Reed.


According to the story told by Murray Holbrook, Jehrameel was born in 1824 to an unkind mother. He was locked in an attic from shortly after the time of his birth until he was 14, choosing to escape rather than face the possibility of death by exorcism.
He lived in the woods for many years, frightening animals and townspeople. Occasionally animals would die as Jehrameel attempted to acquire pets, but the only actual human death for which Jehrameel could be blamed is one young boy who fell in a well and drowned in 1909.
Murray Holbrook explained that all of the other kidnappings were just Jehrameel’s attempts to establish human companionship and acquire a sibling. Each time Mr. Holbrook was able to talk sense into Jehrameel and the children were returned to their parents, unharmed.

Jehrameel Leeds

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