Sins of the Father

There Will Be Blood

So much blood. Like, everywhere. Literally.

Kenneth, Will, Mickey, Jacob and Vincent set about rescuing a battered and bloodied Diane from the grips of the Northern Coterie. This coterie was comprised of four vampires, including a scientist, and the grand-childe of Malcolm Savage. The scientist, Grant McCallum, is the only surviving member of the coterie.
Rescued with Diane was the imposing and unnatural David Moriarty, a Promethean whose blood (or the closest thing to it that he’s got) was being experimented on as an alternative food source. Videos recovered from the makeshift lab site revealed the substance to be a potent substitute, though the young vampires imbibing it displayed heightened aggressive responses.
After a brief visit to one of Michigan’s finest hospitals the hunters have returned to Houston, one extra vampire in tow.

Meanwhile, Reed stayed behind in Houston to rescue a bloodied and battered Zak and deal with Mary (in a very final sort of way).

No members of Hunter Cell Alpha have died (permanently).
However, among many other injuries, Zak’s jaw is currently wired shut.
Diane has broken ribs (on her right side), a broken wrist (her left wrist), and numerous bruises on her face and over the rest of her body. Is also a ghoul, and could very possibly now be addicted to vitae.
David Moriarty, who opted not to follow the group and instead exchanged contact information with them, had been nailed to a pillar through his limbs and midsection. He seems to be fine.
Jacob died once.
Nelly is gone.
vincent left the encounter relatively unscathed, and might have been heard on the drive back to Houston asking Dr. McCallum’s torpid body, “Come here often?” and, “What’s a nice corpse like you doing in a truck bed like this?”

Kenneth is no longer convinced that vampires are one big (silly) fraternity. He rescued his girlfriend (with a little help), and lived to tell the tale.
Reed managed to show up some of the ops from Task Force Valkyrie, killed a promethean (for realsies, this time), and lived to tell the tale.
Will had his shoulder shredded by the incredibly angry Shane Hitchens, but lived to tell the tale.
Mickey had a close encounter with a lightning strike, and lived to tell the tale.
Katherine is missing. No word on what tales she might be telling.



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