The Big Seven

Your character regains all spent Willpower points whenever she helps another at the risk of loss or harm to herself. It isn’t enough to share what your character has in abundance. She must make a real sacrifice in terms of time, possessions or energy, or she must risk life and limb to help another.

Your character regains all spent Willpower points whenever he is able to forge meaning from chaos and tragedy.

Your character regains all spent Willpower points whenever he withstands overwhelming or tempting pressure to alter his goals. This does not include temporary distractions from his course of action, only pressure that might cause him to abandon or change his goals altogether.

Your character regains all spent Willpower points whenever she refuses to let others give in to despair, even though doing so risks harming her own goals or wellbeing. This is similar to Fortitude, above, except that your character tries to prevent others from losing hope in their goals. She need not share those goals herself or even be successful in upholding them, but there must be a risk involved.

Your character regains all spent Willpower points whenever he does the right thing at risk of personal loss or setback. The “right thing” can be defined by the letter or spirit of a particular code of conduct, whether it be the United States penal code or a biblical Commandment.

Your character regains all spent Willpower points whenever he refuses a tempting course of action by which he could gain significantly. The “temptation” must involve some reward that, by refusing it, might cost him later on.

Your character regains all spent Willpower when he resists a temptation to indulge in an excess of any behavior, whether good or bad, despite the obvious rewards it might offer.

Other Virtues

Somehow, your character doesn’t despair at the World of Darkness but remains optimistic, believing that everything will work out eventually. Regain Willpower when your character refuses to abandon hope, putting herself at risk in expectation of a better tomorrow.

Your character is defined by a great love, perhaps for an ideal or an institution, but usually for a person or group of people. Regain Willpower when your character puts himself in danger for the object of his love.

Your character’s defining duty is to the truth. Although the World of Darkness puts every pressure on her to dissemble or tell white lies to protect others from the God-Machine, her sense of self is built on fundamental honesty. Regain Willpower when your character puts herself in danger by refusing to lie.

Your character doesn’t want power or status. Even if he earns a position of authority, he sees himself as one of the guys. Putting himself above others would deny the importance of their lives. Regain Willpower when your character turns down the opportunity for power that would solve his problems.

When your character makes a promise, she keeps it. Her sense of self relies on others being able to trust and believe in her. Regain Willpower when she keeps a promise, even only an implied one, despite keeping it putting her at risk.

Your character is loyal to a group, possibly the other player’s characters. His loyalty isn’t blind — he’s capable of seeing the flaws in whatever cause he’s signed up to — but once given it’s unshakable. Regain Willpower when he puts himself in danger by refusing to act against the group’s interests.

Your character is going places. She has goals she wants to accomplish, and the drive to achieve them. In some people who don’t deserve the accolades they seek, ambition is a Vice — for her it’s a guiding mission. Regain Willpower when your character puts herself at risk for the sake of following her long-term goal.

Your character is driven by a sense of fair play and justice — the desire to see everyone get what they deserve. He’ll stick his neck out to make sure everyone is treated fairly, even if that acts against his own interests. That includes punishing those who deserve it and owning up to his own wrongdoing. Regain Willpower when your character’s drive for Justice leaves his own goals half-done.

Your character is a pacifist in a dirty, dangerous world. Whether it’s because of deeply-held religious beliefs, philosophical decision or simple lack of stomach for violence, he can’t bring himself to hurt another human being. Regain Willpower when your character resolves a conflict that puts him at risk without the use of bloodshed.

Your character gains comfort from giving to others. She might be especially charitable or just be willing to lend possessions and aid to her friends, no questions asked. She’s often taken for granted but she knows she makes a difference. Regain Willpower when your character
has deprived herself of a vital resource through her generosity, putting herself at risk.

Your character knows he walks in a corrupt world and he’s angry about it. He’s willing to confront hypocrisy and evil where he sees it, no matter who it pisses off, and to Hell with the consequences. At best, he’s a defender of those the system — or the Infrastructure — grinds down. At worst, he’s a stone-faced, uncompromising obstacle to the powerful, just waiting to be taken out. Regain Willpower when your character’s refusal to let injustice go unopposed puts him in danger.

Your character is simply straight-up brave. She gets a thrill from meeting and overcoming challenges, whether they’re physical or social. She’s not necessarily stubborn or even especially confident — true bravery is the willingness to carry on despite being afraid, not the absence of fear. Regain Willpower when your character’s bravery causes or prolongs risk or danger to her.

Your character doesn’t believe in rushing in half-cocked or unaware. She wants to plan every course of action and bides her time when investigating, waiting for situations to develop and play out for a while before she intervenes. The World of Darkness doesn’t wait anyone, however, and her preparations are often overtakenby events. Regain Willpower when your character is caught wrong-footed because she was too busy planning to properly react to events.


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