The Big Seven Vices

Your character regains one Willpower point whenever she gains something important from a rival or has a hand in harming that rival’s wellbeing.

Your character regains one spent Willpower point whenever he indulges in his addiction or appetites at some risk to himself or a loved one.

Your character regains one W illpower point whenever he acquires something at the expense of another. Gaining it must come at some potential risk (of assault, arrest or simple loss of peer respect).

Your character is consumed by a passion for something. He regains one Willpower point whenever he satisfies his lust or compulsion in a way that victimizes others.

Your character regains one Willpower point whenever he exerts his own wants (not needs) over others at some potential risk to himself. This is most commonly the desire for adulation, but it could be the desire to make others do as he commands.

Your character regains one Willpower point whenever he successfully avoids a difficult task but achieves the same goal nonetheless.

Your character regains one spent Willpower point whenever he unleashes his anger in a situation where doing so is dangerous. If the fight has already begun, no Willpower points are regained. It must take place in a situation where anger is unwarranted or inappropriate.

Other Vices

Your character has a tendency to wallow in bad situations, vocally bemoaning his lot and believing that everything is hopeless. Regain a Willpower point when he refuses to act in a scene because he believes anything he does will be fruitless.

Your character is blinded by hatred for something — a person, a group, a belief or for the God-Machine itself. His antipathy is so strong it prevents him from seeing clearly and leads him into fruitless attacks on the source of his hatred. Regain a Willpower point when he spends time in a scene persecuting the object of his hate.

Your character can’t tell the truth to save her life. She might be in the habit of telling little white lies or be covering up one major secret, but deception is the cornerstone of her personality. Regain a Willpower point when she successfully maintains a lie despite others having the opportunity to see through it.

For your character, self-image becomes selfaggrandizement. He defines himself by being “better” than other people, whether that’s by lording his superiority in an Attribute or Skill, expressing dominance in a social situation or basking in other characters looking up to him. Regain a Willpower point when he takes an opportunity to express his greater worth relative to someone else.

Your character can’t be relied on. She might mean well and even keep promises when it costs her nothing, but when the stakes are raised and there’s a choice between her own self-interest and keeping her word, her word loses. Regain a Willpower point when your character breaks a promise for her own sake.

Your character’s loyalties are defined by what’s convenient, not for any sentiment towards loyalty itself. He will turn on allies if given a better offer or simply walk away from responsibilities if he finds them too difficult. Regain a Willpower point when your character betrays a person or group, but be very careful about using this Vice against other players’ characters.

Your character wants to get ahead, above and beyond the respect that she receives for her actions. She craves advancement — not necessarily to lead, but in some measure of rank. Regain a Willpower point when your character attempts to increase her social standing instead of pursuing more useful activity.

Your character has a mean streak, an instinct to twist the knife and inflict pain once he has someone at his mercy. He might habitually refuse surrender in combat or be the bastard boss who humiliates employees just because it makes him feel better. Regain a Willpower point when your character needlessly victimizes someone in his power.

Your character loves getting her way by means of physical force. She frequently Goes For Blood (see p. 195) to settle conflict. Regain a Willpower point when your character resolves a scene by using needless violence.

It’s not that he wants it more than anyone else, it’s more that he needs it. Your character likes to hoard resources that might come in useful one day, rather than allowing others to use them now, minimizing his future risk at their expense. Regain a Willpower point when you deny another character an advantage by taking it yourself.

The world may be a system run by the God- Machine, but your character is an expert at getting what she wants out of systems. A habitual abuser of institutions, once she’s in a position of authority she turns that office to furthering either her own ends or those of the highest bidder. Regain a Willpower point when your character misuses status or influence over a group on behalf of herself or another interested party.

Your character shies away from danger, going beyond simple caution to true cowardice. If danger must be faced, he would much rather someone else face it — regain a point of Willpower when your character persuades or tricks another character into a risky situation instead of doing it himself.

Your character doesn’t have the patience for long, convoluted plans, but prefers to improvise as she goes. She frequently enters situations she doesn’t fully understand — but this Vice isn’t the measure of how well she copes when rushing in, only that she acts before thinking. Being able to quickly adapt, as many Hasty characters are, is determined by the Wits Attribute. Regain a point of Willpower when your character forces a scene to start by taking decisive action.


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