The Oneiros is the private dream world a mage creates for themselves subconciously. It is populated by inner demons, private memories and personal triumphs. The Oneiros is usually used to sort out a mage’s personal hang-up and conditions.

Encounters within Oneiros

William Benjamin Taylor’s Daimon
Benny-Jim John-Rhon Wallace Williamson Archibald Van Der Woodsen Junior Senior Esquire the 37th,
Senior Junior Major-Capitalist Entrepreneurman In-Charge of Executive Really-Very-Very-Really Important Jobs and Stuff


Benny (for short) is Will’s inner goetic daimon that manifests as a cartoonish version of himself. He has ADD to the Nth degree and never finishes anything he starts. He goes by a million names, none of which he can remember but always has a very serious job title. He can’t be relied upon and as such represents Will’s acknowledgement of his own person failings. While Benny manifests as an unreliable entity, his purpose is to actually spur Will into becoming more responsible and self-driven. Benny plays kind of like The Great Gazoo or Bat-Mite.

Rank: 3

Attributes: Power 1, Finesse 2, Resistance 3
Willpower: 6
Essence: 21
Initiative: 7 + (when never using firearms)
Defense: 6
Speed: 10
Size: 5
Corpus: 10

Influences: Death, Forces and Matter at the Rank that Will thinks he can cast at & Oneiros 3

The Well
The inescapable pit of death


The Well is a Nightmare made manifest. Will’s darkest fear is to be trapped somewhere he can’t escape from. Nothing should be more frightening than a water well full of skeletal dead remains with the cover being slowly pushed across the opening. No food, no ladder, no hope. Only a slow agonizing death.

Rank: 2

Attributes: Power 7, Finesse 1, Resistance 5
Willpower: 10
Essence: 15
Initiative: 9
Defense: 6
Speed: 0
Size: 10
Corpus: 15

Influences: Fear 2
Numina: Harrow (8 dice)
Power + Finesse, contested by the victim’s Resolve
+ Composure + Supernatural Tolerance. If the spirit
wins the contest, the target is overwhelmed by the
relevant emotional state for a number of turns equal
to the number of successes the spirit gained.

Ban: The Well may be escaped by waiting patiently. Fear, anxiety and struggle only make The Well stronger.


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