Hunter Cell Alpha Safehouse

Warehouse alpha

Hunter Cell Alpha’s Safehouse

Size 3 – A warehouse; 6 rooms.

1. 4 car garage
2. training room
3. medical lab / containment area
4. recreation room / bunkhouse
5. computer / server room
6. main hanger (used for storage)

Cache 3 – located in main hanger

The cache is a single storage container that contains 15 points of undisclosed gear and lots and lots of ammo.

Secrecy 2 – 2 die penalty to discover location

Diane paid cash up front for the title.

Traps 3 – Explosives

If a code that is changed daily is not input upon entry to the warehouse entrance then explosives are rigged with motion detectors. Upon explosion the Safehouse’s size is reduced by one and all entities caught in the blast automatically take 2 lethal damage.

To find traps = Wits + Composure

To disarm traps = Wits + Crafts – 3

Hunter Cell Alpha Safehouse

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