Experience and Advancement


Each time your character fulfills one of the following criteria, gain 1 XP. Certain criteria have limits: for example, you may only gain 1 XP for a Dramatic Failure in a scene.

  • If your character fulfills an Aspiration, gain 1 XP. At the end of the game session, replace the Aspiration. Choosing a new Aspiration is an excellent activity between games or to handle before the next game session.
  • Some rolls and powers may impart Conditions on your character. Each Condition has criteria for resolution, usually requiring a difficult choice for the character. If resolved, gain 1 XP. You may only gain 1 XP for a Condition in a given scene.
  • Once per scene, if you fail a roll, you may opt to take a Dramatic Failure instead. If you do so, gain 1 XP.
  • Certain Conditions can have you take an automatic failure as part of their resolutions; you may make these failures Dramatic and gain 2 XP.
  • If your character takes damage in one of her last (rightmost) Health boxes, gain 1 XP.
  • The Storyteller can choose to award XP for any exceptional example of roleplaying, tactics or character development. If this involves more than one character, all of them should receive XP.
  • Some Merits grant XP under certain conditions.
  • At the end of any game session, gain 1 XP.


Attribute 20 XP per dot
Skill 10 XP per dot
Skill Specialty 5 XP
   Clarity, Wisdom, Humanity, Synergy, Humanity, Harmony
10 XP per dot
Willpower 5 XP per dot
Merit 5 XP per dot
Supernatural Advantage
   Wyrd, Gnosis, Azoth, Psyche, Blood Potency, Primal Urge
25 XP per dot
Associated Power
   Affinity & Goblin Contracts, Ruling Arcana, Refinement Transmutations,
   Manifestation, Clan or Bloodline Discipline, Primary Renown
15 XP per dot
Non-Associated Power
   Non-Affinity Contracts, Common Arcana, Non-Refinement Transmutations,
   Non-Bloodline Discipline, Other Renown
20 XP per dot
   New Ritual Power
10 XP per dot
   Inferior Arcana 30 XP per dot
   New Key 30 XP
   Totem Merit ?? XP
   Tactic 3 XP buy-in

Characters with More Experience

New Character 0
Seasoned 35
Expert 75
King/Queen of the Hill 120

Experience and Advancement

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