Character Creation

Character Creation

Sins of the Father is a World of Darkness campaign where the players are expected to build characters that exist as mortals who are oblivious to the world of the supernatural. Players should keep in mind that the World of Darkness is one of mature themes and be prepared to roleplay in a game that would be rated R in a movie universe.

As play progresses the supernatural world will consume the players and leave them changed in mind and outlook. There is always the chance that it may leave them changed in other ways as well.

Players should keep in mind that characters that have connections to the other PCs will have a stronger tie to events that unfold.

Sins of the Father will also make use of modified rules that are available in the following World of Darkness books; The God-Machine Chronicles & World of Darkness: Mirrors. As a result a normal World of Darkness character sheet may not be sufficient for players. A modified character sheet will be made available by the Storyteller at the first session.

1. Choose a Background

This usually, but not always, includes some idea of a career: “nightstalking journalist,” “stoic mechanic,” “lost waif,” “petulant yuppie,” “angry young man.” You may also wish to link to backgrounds of other player characters. Perhaps your group is a paranormal research club, or an F.B.I. branch staff, or a weekend motorcycle gang.

2. Select Attributes

Prioritize the three categories; mental, physical, social (5/4/3). Your character begins with one dot in each Attribute automatically, already filled in on the character sheet. Dots spent now are in addition to these starting ones.

3. Select Skills

Prioritize the three categories; mental, physical, social (11/7/4).

4. Select Skill Specialties

Take three Skill Specialties of your choice. You can assign each how you like, whether each to a separate Skill or all three to a single Skill. There is no limit to how many Specialties can be assigned to a single Skill.
Rolls involving a Skill Specialty gain a +1 modifier over and above any other situational modifiers. So, if your character has Crafts, but also has a Specialty in Automobiles, you gain a +1 bonus when he works on cars.

5. Determine Advantages

Defense (the lowest of Dexterity or Wits)

Mental Defense (the lowest of Resolve or Composure)

Size (5 for most humans)

Maximum Health (Stamina + Size)

Initiative (Dexterity + Composure)

Speed (Strength + Dexterity +5)

Maximum Willpower (Resolve + Composure)

Sway (Willpower x 2)

Maximum Anticipation (Intelligence + Wits)

Memory (Intelligence + Composure)

Perception (Wits + Composure)

Integrity (7 for starting characters)

6. Select Virtues and Vices

Choose 1 Virtue and 1 Vice.

List of Virtues

List of Vices

7. Select Merits

Spend 7 dots on Merits.

Mental Merits

Physical Merits ( Fighting Merits)

Social Merits

Supernatural Merits

8. Define your character’s Breaking Points

Integrity and Breaking Points

9. Define your character’s aspirations.

Each character should define 4 personal goals; 3 short-term and 1 long-term. It’s important to phrase Aspirations as active achievements or accomplishments. Do not phrase them as avoidances. “Do not betray my friends” isn’t really an appropriate Aspiration.

example short-term goals: Meet a ghost, Interview my idol, Plant a garden

example long-term goals: Master my chosen art, Buy back our ancestral home, Discover the cure for mortality

Character Creation

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