Modern Armor Chart

Reinforced clothing (1) 1/0 1 0 0 Torso, arms, legs
Kevlar vest (1) 1/3 1 0 0 Torso
Flak Jacket 2/4 1 −1 0 •• Torso, arms
Full Riot Gear 3/5 2 −2 −1 ••• Torso, arms, legs

Archaic Armor Chart

Leather (hard) 2/0 2 −1 0 Torso, arms
Chainmail 3/1 3 −2 −2 •• Torso, arms
Plate 4/2 3 −2 −3 •••• Torso, arms, legs

Rating: Armor provides protection against normal attacks and Firearms attacks. The number before the slash is for general armor, while the number after the slash is for ballistic armor.

Strength: If your character’s Strength is lower than that required for her armor, reduce her Brawl and Weaponry dice pools by 1.

Defense: The penalty imposed on your character’s Defense when wearing the armor.

Speed: The penalty to your character’s Speed for the armor worn.

Availability: The cost in Resources dots or level of Social Merit needed to acquire the armor.

Coverage: The areas of a character protected by the armor. Unless an attacker targets a specific unarmored location (“Specified Targets”, above), the armor’s protection applies. Wearing a helmet increases the armor’s
coverage to include a character’s head.

1. This armor is concealed, either as normal clothing (e.g. biker leathers) or being worn under a jacket or baggy shirt. Attackers have no idea the target is wearing armor until after they land a successful hit.


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