Addenda, Errata, and Interpretations

This is where we’ll be keeping track of any WoD rules we find it necessary to alter or (as is far more likely) interpret.
Only items with changes will be listed here, for now.
Items will be categorized in accordance with which type of creature they influence most, and those creatures are listed in alphabetical order.

Geist Rules

Manifestations: The Caul

Caul Activation Cost: 1 plasm
Dice Pool: Stamina + (Key Skill) + Caul rating
Action: Instant

Roll Results

Dramatic Failure: The Sin-Eater and geist reject each other on a subconscious level. The Sin-Eater cannot access the Caul until the next sunset.
Failure: The attempt to manifest the Caul fails.
Success: The Sin-Eater draws his geist within him, infusing his body with plasm and joining into one.
Exceptional Success: Both Sin-Eater and geist act in harmony. Any rolls to activate the subsidiary powers of the Caul gain the 9-again quality.

The act of donning the Caul requires an expenditure of 1 plasm. Similarly, taking another Instant action in order to apply a different modification to the Geist’s body requires another expenditure of 1 plasm. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, once the Caul is donned its effects last either for the duration of the scene, or until the Geist dismisses it – whichever comes first.
Uses of the Caul are observable and recordable without the use of supernatural equipment, with exceptions to be noted as they arise.|

Phantasmal Caul

Key Skill: Persuasion

The Phantasmal Caul infuses the Sin-Eater with the essence of illusion and madness. His body becomes soft and pliable as ectoplasm under his hands, able to take on terrifying shapes and impossible forms.
The Sin-Eater can alter his body’s shape as an Instant action. While this doesn’t directly alter his Traits, a suitable modification can add his activation successes to a Physical, non-combat Skill roll. The Sin-Eater must declare what roll (out of Athletics, Drive, Larceny, Stealth, and Survival) the bonus will apply to before spending the plasm.
The Sin-Eater may spend a number of plasm points for this purpose equal to his Psyche. Each plasm spent allows for a different modification. While the Sin-Eater may make multiple modifications for the same purpose, the activation successes can only be applied once to a chosen roll.
Example: Faced with a troublesome lock, Detective Reed spends a plasm and pulls on his fingertips to elongate his digits. This modification will allow him to gain a bonus equal to his activation successes to any Larceny rolls he makes until he spends another plasm to make a different modification and replace a previous, or the scene ends (or some circumstance denies him the use of this bonus).
Reed could also describe that he was stretching out his earlobes for the purpose of listening to the tumblers of the lock – it’s an old lock. He could spend the second plasm and make this modification, but it would be poorly spent. He CANNOT apply a second set of activation successes to his Larceny rolls.
•••• The Sin-Eater can warp his body in strange ways, stretching his chest into a cage or growing extra limbs. He may spend one plasm to add his activation successes to any single instance of one of the following rolls: Brawl, Firearms, or Weaponry.
The Sin-Eater may increase or decrease his size category by 1 for every 3 successes garnered.
This sort of Swiss-Army versatility comes with a price: the Sin-Eater must spend a plasm each time he wishes to apply his activation successes as a bonus to a combat roll, and spend the time making the appropriate changes.

Mage Rules

Vampire Rules

An aggressor using Predatory Aura (Blood and Smoke, pg 91) must make a roll to resist Frenzy. Additionally, if the aggressor succeeds in raising the victim’s Beast, then in addition to taking the condition specified the victim (if Kindred) must also make the roll to resist Frenzy.

When faced with a strong enough stimulus, the vampire risks losing control of her Beast. She can temporarily hold the monster inside, but eventually she must face her monstrosity. Either she’ll force it down, or the Beast overwhelms her to fight, feed, or flee.

To resist the Beast, roll Resolve + Composure. Check the suggested modifiers on the table below for penalties and bonuses depending on the circumstance.

Willpower cannot be spent for three bonus dice on a roll to resist frenzy. Willpower has a different effect. A point of Willpower holds off the Beast for one turn. The vampire visibly fights the frenzy. She may growl, hiss, smash something, or sprint off. But she’s temporarily in control. However, she must still face her Beast. Once she stops spending Willpower, make the Resolve + Composure roll like normal, but take a bonus die for each Willpower point spent. So, if you spend four Willpower points for your character to take four turns fighting her frenzy, on the fifth turn, roll her Resolve + Composure + 4.

Hurt friend −1
Hurt lover −2
Dead friend −2
Dead lover −4
Destruction of Property
Destruction of minor property -1
Destruction of important property −2
Being Provoked
Expecting provocation +1
Surprised by provocation −1
Provocation was Touchstone +2
Seeing a trivial open wound -1
Seeing a massive open wound −2
Hungry (4 or fewer Vitae) −2
Starving (2 or fewer Vitae) −4
Small fire (torch) −2
Inside burning building −4
Sunlight (causing aggravated damage) −3
Sunlight (causing lethal damage) −2
Sunlight (causing bashing damage) -1
Wounded (at all) −1
Wounded in last three Health boxes −3
Insulted by a superior (creature of higher Supernatural Tolerance) −1
Insulted by an inferior (creature of lower Supernatural Tolerance or mortals) −2
Publicly ostracized −2
Misc. Bonus
On Elysium grounds +2
Dramatic Failure The vampire begins to frenzy, and the character cannot end the frenzy until she reaches a breaking point. If the Beast gets its desire, choose a new one. Gain 1 XP
Failure The vanpire succumbs to frenzy. Gain 1XP. A character may opt to turn a failure into a dramatic failure for a second XP.
Success The vampire resists the Beast, but gains the Tempted Condition (see p. 307).
Exceptional Success The vampire not only resists the Beast, but regains a point of spent Willpower, and any Willpower she spent fighting the Beast during the scene.

Addenda, Errata, and Interpretations

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