Tag: Hunter


  • Michaela Graham

    Music List - So, I had fun coming up with Mickey's playlist. I had three criteria in mind as I made it: 1.) it had to represent an aspect of Mickey's personality or life, 2.) it had to be "world of darkness"-y, and 3.) Mickey would enjoy listening to …

  • Kenneth Lawrence Vandiford III

    Breaking Points; 1. Won bullshit lawsuit 2. Kill without justification of self defense 3. Torture someone to death 4. Outnumbered by Undead 5. Almost drowned as a child of 6-7 in a pool Kenneth is an only child from CT, whose father died …

  • Diane McKnight

    |Concept: Hunter, Born and Raised|| |Virtue: Inquisitive|Profession: Doctor| |Vice: Cruel (Wrath)|Compact: Null Mysteriis|

    Zakary Artisan

    Concept: Hard-Hearted Hunter Cell Leader
    Virtue: RighteousProfession: Soldier
    Vice: WrathConspiracy: Task …

  • Father Jacob

    Concept: Pious Priest
    Virtue: CharityProfession: Religious Leader
    Vice: Hateful (Pride)Conspiracy: Malleus …

  • "Nellie Bly"

    |Concept: Hacker Extraordinaire|| |Virtue: Dedicated|Profession: Hacker| |Vice: Arrogant|Compact: Network Zero|

    Taylor Hendricks

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