Sins of the Father

A Chronicle of Shit Hitting Various Fans

I realize it’s been a while since we did one of these. Here’s what I remember, not really composed in any particular order. Feel free to comment or edit as is necessary.

The group (and the world) can see Mickey again, it turns out she’d offended a werewolf who petitioned a Geist who came all the way from Romania to teach her a lesson.
The Geist stuck around just long enough to tell Reed that it sounds like his problem is both definitely unnatural, and probably only resolvable by magic.

The specific problem to which the Geist refers – and to be honest, Reed has a few – is that Jacob was split into two Jacobs by the teeth of a young Kael’adahn (that night sucked for everyone, but at least the group killed the creature). One Jacob is a soul and the other is a body. The body walks and talks and eats and rides in cars, but doesn’t seem to care that his church burnt down. The soul only does about half of those things.

As bad as Jacob’s got it, he may be better off than Will.
Will’s parents are dead. They were burnt, probably alive, by unknown arsonists after a vampire threatened Kenneth to burn Kenneth’s city to the ground. Will’s been working on that “being a Mage” thing, and it was going pretty well. Except for the obsession, and the seizure he suffered when Sophia interrupted his ritual.

Speaking of Sophia, the house where she and her wife, Lisa, were squatting was attacked by arsonists. After being in contact with the fanatical and zealous servants of Malcolm Savage and Howell Reese, and asking Vincent whether he’d rather be a ghoul or be dead (he picked death), Sophia has begun to feel a little guilty about ghouling her wife. Not guilty enough to stop, though.
Sophia helped question the ghouls and the wannabes from the Savage and Reese legal team, mostly by threatening to eat them repeatedly. The ghouls seemed mostly unfazed.

Malcolm Savage is, of course, the vampire who threatened Kenneth. And the vampire who threatened Kenneth is now dead. Definitely dead. The second time was the charm, as the first time Kenneth and company only managed to blow up the law firm where Savage and Reese conducted all of their business.
The attack on the law firm was a perfectly reasonable action, considering that the Savage and Reese legal team had gotten Kenneth’s case (into which he had put a significant amount of time and effort) thrown out because of Kenneth’s lack of evidence and fashion sense. This was a blatant manipulation of the law, of course – Kenneth has plenty of both.
The problem with that attempt was that the vampires were sheltered behind concrete and steel. The explosives crafted by Zak (and Mickey), though impressive, were not quite destructive enough to blow through the safe room. Failing to destroy Savage and Reese, the vampires ordered a strike against all known property or persons considered important by Hunters, Etc.
So, reasonably, the group elected to travel to New Orleans, find the resting place of Malcolm Savage and Howell Reese (courtesy of Sophia’s blood magic), and blow it to kingdom come (courtesy of the HEAT rocket launcher acquired by Will and Kenneth and fired by Reed).

Prior to the field trip to NOLA, Reed was contacted by a member of Network 0, who asked why Zak was boarding a plane to China. Zak opted to leave the group the same night the Kael’adahn attacked, when it was (finally) revealed to him that Reed has become a Geist and Will has become a Mage. Combined with Sophia’s presence and Diane’s continuing defense of Vincent, Zak concluded that the group had become much cozier with monsters than he found comfortable.

As for Diane, when the arsons occurred her own home was upturned but not burned. Frightened by the revelation that the monsters know where she sleeps, she’s taken to staying at Kenneth’s house. She’s in a cast once more, as parts of her right shoulder and her collarbone were broken when the Kael’adahn treated her like a ragdoll. Her life can most accurately be described as “crumbling.” Vincent has obviously been keeping things from her. Zak stormed off into the night after learning the secrets she’d been keeping from him. Jacob is broken in a way that she can’t fix. Her boyfriend literally went the other way when the monsters showed up.

So now, here is where the group stands:

Reed is left worrying about the problems associated with Jacob and Alfie, and it’s becoming obvious he can’t fix both.
Kenneth read a page, overcame his fugue, and is on the verge of becoming a hero. And joining the Cheiron Group.
Sophia and Lisa are staying at Kenneth’s, for the time being. He has made it clear they’re not getting a key.
Mickey has been a force majeure in the background, building explosives and helping to build Kenneth’s house where everyone is now staying.
Will went a little crazy, and is currently laying on the floor of a bedroom at Kenneth’s, foaming at the mouth.
Diane’s shoulder, like much of her life, is broken. At least bones heal.
Jacob’s soul is very vocal about wanting to be back in his body. Jacob’s body like doughnuts.
Zak is AWOL, but probably not actually going to China.
Vincent apparently knew a guy who had photocopies of one of the Pages, and hadn’t bothered to tell anyone. But he’s still been helpful (enough).

Flesh and Bone
What are you afraid of? And what are you made of?

It’s been nearly three weeks since our heroes returned from Michigan, and here is where things stand:

Mickey – After a couple of uneventful weeks spent working on Kenneth’s new house, Mickey decided to spend a weekend in Austin. Now she is forgotten, or ignored. But probably not abandoned.

Will – Got hired by Diane as a second bodyguard. To date, it has not been an exciting job. Most of his employment has been spent helping Diane shower and get to work. On August 24th, Diane asked him to let her and Kenneth have the house to themselves, and he spent the night on Reed’s couch and woke up… somewhere different. Became a Mage and now all of the faucets in the area are bleeding.

Reed – Things have not been going well for Reed. He’s been getting sicker and sicker. Then his brother needed him, made of sticks and feathers and cutting his arms open to get a look at the down. Tired of the hospital, Reed went home to get a night’s sleep, and let Will crash on his couch. Then Will freaked out, broke a window in Reed’s second story apartment, and jumped. Reed tried to stop him, tried to save him… and died. Then he got better?

Sophia – She’s been proving herself very talented and very useful because of her blood magic, but is definitely being kept at a distance. Probably also because of the blood magic. But Kenneth has been able to get Zak to agree to let her keep living on a day-to-day basis. She’s mostly been eating cows, except for that time she tried to eat a dog but ended up eating a man. It happens.

Kenneth – has been spending most of his time preparing to tangle in the courtroom against the forces of Savage & Reese. After one of Sophia’s visions, he’s worried that failure might mean the destruction of humanity and the onset of an apocalypse. On the same night that Reed died and Will went crazy, Kenneth had a very nice steak dinner and got laid.

There Will Be Blood
So much blood. Like, everywhere. Literally.

Kenneth, Will, Mickey, Jacob and Vincent set about rescuing a battered and bloodied Diane from the grips of the Northern Coterie. This coterie was comprised of four vampires, including a scientist, and the grand-childe of Malcolm Savage. The scientist, Grant McCallum, is the only surviving member of the coterie.
Rescued with Diane was the imposing and unnatural David Moriarty, a Promethean whose blood (or the closest thing to it that he’s got) was being experimented on as an alternative food source. Videos recovered from the makeshift lab site revealed the substance to be a potent substitute, though the young vampires imbibing it displayed heightened aggressive responses.
After a brief visit to one of Michigan’s finest hospitals the hunters have returned to Houston, one extra vampire in tow.

Meanwhile, Reed stayed behind in Houston to rescue a bloodied and battered Zak and deal with Mary (in a very final sort of way).

No members of Hunter Cell Alpha have died (permanently).
However, among many other injuries, Zak’s jaw is currently wired shut.
Diane has broken ribs (on her right side), a broken wrist (her left wrist), and numerous bruises on her face and over the rest of her body. Is also a ghoul, and could very possibly now be addicted to vitae.
David Moriarty, who opted not to follow the group and instead exchanged contact information with them, had been nailed to a pillar through his limbs and midsection. He seems to be fine.
Jacob died once.
Nelly is gone.
vincent left the encounter relatively unscathed, and might have been heard on the drive back to Houston asking Dr. McCallum’s torpid body, “Come here often?” and, “What’s a nice corpse like you doing in a truck bed like this?”

Kenneth is no longer convinced that vampires are one big (silly) fraternity. He rescued his girlfriend (with a little help), and lived to tell the tale.
Reed managed to show up some of the ops from Task Force Valkyrie, killed a promethean (for realsies, this time), and lived to tell the tale.
Will had his shoulder shredded by the incredibly angry Shane Hitchens, but lived to tell the tale.
Mickey had a close encounter with a lightning strike, and lived to tell the tale.
Katherine is missing. No word on what tales she might be telling.

"Don't forget the Shouting. Shouting's very important."

- Zak has gone off the grid, which is not that strange (unless maybe it is).

- Mickey’s job becomes even more complicated when an exorcism turns into a hospital trip for Will and necessitates another act of arson and a small act of forgery.

- On Sunday, Will learns from the very helpful Max that Kael’Adahn can bite souls. That night he receives 16 stitches, and a great deal more aggravation, when an exorcism does not go exactly as planned and a member of Hunter Cell Alpha takes flight.

- Reed gets his very own “My First Exorcism Kit® (shouting not included).” Reed also manages to find the wayward Nellie (and tells no one about it).

- Katherine finally gets her books organized and decides not to talk much to Rory, no matter how helpful he’s offering to be. Later, she offers her couch to Nellie (and tells no one about it).

- Kenneth spends a day digging around, literally and figuratively, in Beaumont. He learns that Malcolm Savage may have started his frat as early as the latter 1940’s, that his big case involves the Savage family (who were apparently concerned about the entry of devils), and that providing legal counsel is difficult when everyone wishes to remain anonymous.

- Diane tells everyone to be careful. Repeatedly. It doesn’t really help.

- The group has a meeting with some ghost hunters, who just want to help and believe in the validity of the oral tradition.

- Jacob sends out a late evening “S.O.S.” from somewhere north of Tennessee.

And everyone learns a very important lesson (feel free to chime in on what that lesson was).

Something about Mary

(feel free to edit, replace, supplement or rearrange the contents of these entries)

- Mickey’s renovations continue, until the appearance of ghosts disrupts progress. A guard commits suicide, a monster prowls the museum (until Kenneth stabs it) and Mickey’s promising electrician, Mary, turns out to be a bit of a crazy lady.
- Reed is nearly slain by Mary, about whom everyone seems to be having nightmares of some sort. He shoots her to death instead, after which her body is taken back to Alpha’s warehouse (from which it rather promptly disappears).
- Will becomes obsessed with magic and souls, particularly as they interact with memory. Will and Reed both read pages from the Book of 100,000 Leaves, which Diane, Jacob and Zak all say is a very bad thing.
- The entire group learns that the Book is connected to one Nathaniel Leeds, who is responsible for the destruction of Jacob’s former Hunter conspiracy, the Aegis Kai Doru.
- Katherine continues to be on leave from work, making more progress with joining Network Zero and almost making friends with Nellie.
- Kenneth (accompanied by the very paranoid Diane) meets with Mr. Hendricks and is offered a vague position and incredible salary. He then reveals this offer to his supervisor, who counters with a “I can’t really match that salary but I’ll do my best if you can handle this case.”
The case in question is a land dispute between two families, one of which is represented by the law firm Savage & Reese. Diane informs Kenneth that this is bad.

And everyone learns a very important lesson: Nathaniel is out there, and he could be anyone.

The Kids Aren't Alright

On the last episode of “Sins of the Father:”

Mad scientist, Dr. Pavel Adler, is confiscated by a law team for the Cheiron Group, Mr. Taylor Hendricks.

- Will finally gets a job as an Army recruiter and IDs a suspected werewolf. He intends to patrol and is told by Zakary Artisan in no uncertain terms that he’s an idiot. The next morning, three bodies are found in the park.
- Kenneth researches the Cheiron Group, finally gets his Red Rider BB Gun $20,000 TrackPoint Rifle. He is also contacted by Mr. Hendricks for a meeting.
- Katherine spends her time poring (with Kenneth) through journals written by Diane McKnight’s parents and later almost finding Network Zero and fastidiously avoiding working.
- Mickey does the opposite, beginning renovations to the Museum district.
- Keeping the streak of questionable life choices alive, Reed, on the advice of a vampire, visits a mental hospital. There he is told he will die on November 16th, 2013, in the dark. At work, he is assigned to a case involving a series of abductions (and suspected homicides).

Additionally, the group gets to know some of Hunter Cell Alpha a little bit better.
Vincent makes at least two offers to turn people into vampires, and Diane informs Reed that she will end him if he becomes one in an attempt to circumvent his curse.
Zakary is abrasive at best, and Jacob is largely absent because of his duties as a priest.

And everyone learned a valuable lesson: Don’t let Will plan the social outings.

Therapy, Murder Vans and Monster Hunts - Oh my.

In this special episode of “Sins of the Father,” our fearless heroes meet the source of some of their frustration – Hunter Cell Alpha.
Alpha claims to be responsible for the disappearance of the Frogamander’s body, the tip leading Will and Reed north to meet Jehrameel.

- Kenneth goes to therapy.
- Mickey and Will feel stalked.
- Katherine recuperates from her car accident.
- Reed stops taking his medicine because he thinks a bible passage told him to.

A mad scientist turns people into zombies, prompting our heroes to steal a dumpster and make an arrest (they arrest the scientist, not the dumpster), end everyone learns a valuable lesson.

The Hero Dies in This One
The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers!

Will and Reed travel north to investigate the disappearance of Linny Boyce, making the acquaintance of the unique personage of Jehrameel Leeds.

Katherine Douglas overcomes her addiction, creates a new drug, and becomes a slightly better person in the process. Then she promptly gets into a car accident.

Mickey knows a dead guy.

Kenneth loses his shit, blows up a forest, and falls victim to a vengeful Lorax.

No Neighborhood for Old Men

Patty Sanford meets a grisly end and Will takes over the Neighborhood Watch.
Apprehension of the mysterious hairless gill-bear of Texas proves exceptionally dangerous for Katherine Douglas, who gives the chief of police even more reason to doubt she understands what “good news” means.

Paul Carter is taken in for questioning.

The neighborhood becomes increasingly concerned with the local environmental movement.

Kenneth decides to move.

There's Something Strange in the Neighborhood
Who Ya Gonna Call?

Call the Neighborhood Watch.

Patty Sanford approaches each of our heroes with a proposition: Clean up the mean streets of Northgate in Spring, Texas. Animals have been disappearing. A young girl’s gone missing. And those damn hoodlums have started packing heat.

What’s the neighborhood coming to?


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