Page 82670 (Souls: Location and Extraction)

On the nature of Souls


The human soul is a curious thing, simultaneously fragile and resilient. Research performed has yet to acquire one completely intact; the trauma of extraction always seems to leave the soul damaged. Techniques and technology must be refined further to allow for the possibility of the extraction of an undamaged specimen.
Furthermore, it has been found that the soul does not always reside in the same location from shell to shell. Some sit just beside – or even inside – the heart. Some have been found in various lobes of the brain. One, according to a scholar of the Academy at Tal’rek Cerdai, was coiled tightly around the efferent ducts of a subject’s left testis.
Extraction produced an effect similar to castration; subject was either unable or unwilling to make further attempts at producing progeny.


Page 82670 (Souls: Location and Extraction)

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