Page 29274 (Location: Fields of Serfahlen)

On the Fields of Serfahlen


The Fields still smell of death, though the battle ended five centuries ago.

Dark things live here. Impish, evil creatures who make dwellings of offal and feces. Great slavering wolves with fur of shadow and eyes that shine bloodied garnets from the deep, impervious night. Winged, leathery beasts whose joints bend all wrong.

This is where the Great Darkness has reached through. This is where the Darkness has seen, and smiled, and caressed the world – and the touch has left a blight.

If you must walk the Fields, do not walk them alone. And if you fear that the very ground may try to swallow you whole, that the flora will strangle you and the fauna will sup upon your blood, trust that fear – and run.


Page 29274 (Location: Fields of Serfahlen)

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