Hunter Cell Alpha's Hunt Van

For group missions or recovery operations


Transporting things that don’t want to be transported is part and parcel of a hunter’s job description. One solution is to take a seemingly ordinary delivery van and modify the cargo area to handle unwilling passengers. The exact method varies — some hunters simply weld a steel cage to the inside of the van, while others opt for panels of high-impact polycarbonate; generally, the confinement area has Durability 4, Size 4, Structure 8.

Standard procedure includes reinforcing the floor and roof as well (Durability 4, Size 5, Structure 9), and removing inside locks and door handles. Some hunters add some layers of soundproofing (-1 per layer to Perception rolls for someone outside the vehicle to hear noise from inside).

Size 15
Acceleration 13
Safe Speed 103 (70 mph)
Maximum Speed 169 (115 mph)
Handling 0


Hunter Cell Alpha's Hunt Van

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