Neighborhood Watch

The watchers of Northgate


Tentative (and angry) rules for the Neighborhood Watch:

1) Always say where you are going.
2) Use the buddy system.
3) Say what you are doing – we are a team, we need information to make informed decisions.
4) Keep records of strange occurrences.
5) Train new recruits to protect themselves and stay safe.
6) Assign positions based on people’s strengths.
7) Keep supplies with trustworthy and responsible individuals.
8) Have backup location for meetings w/ supplies.


These are the heroic individuals keeping vigil over the mean streets of Spring, Texas.
Current members:
Rusty Cook, the well-meaning and unfortunately clumsy
Katherine Douglas
William Taylor
Mickey Graham
Daniel Reed

Former members:
Bill Ackland & Ted Sandoval (they’ve talked about moving to Conroe).
Paul Carter (in prison, awaiting trial for his role in the death of Patty Sanford.
Patty Sanford (deceased, knew everything about everything and was not afraid to tell you about it).
Kenneth Lawrence Vandiford III (Missing, primary arson suspect)
Upon looking over this roster, it might occur to a casual observer that leaving the neighborhood watch has a mortality rate not unlike that of a street gang.

Neighborhood Watch

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