Sins of the Father

Something about Mary

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- Mickey’s renovations continue, until the appearance of ghosts disrupts progress. A guard commits suicide, a monster prowls the museum (until Kenneth stabs it) and Mickey’s promising electrician, Mary, turns out to be a bit of a crazy lady.
- Reed is nearly slain by Mary, about whom everyone seems to be having nightmares of some sort. He shoots her to death instead, after which her body is taken back to Alpha’s warehouse (from which it rather promptly disappears).
- Will becomes obsessed with magic and souls, particularly as they interact with memory. Will and Reed both read pages from the Book of 100,000 Leaves, which Diane, Jacob and Zak all say is a very bad thing.
- The entire group learns that the Book is connected to one Nathaniel Leeds, who is responsible for the destruction of Jacob’s former Hunter conspiracy, the Aegis Kai Doru.
- Katherine continues to be on leave from work, making more progress with joining Network Zero and almost making friends with Nellie.
- Kenneth (accompanied by the very paranoid Diane) meets with Mr. Hendricks and is offered a vague position and incredible salary. He then reveals this offer to his supervisor, who counters with a “I can’t really match that salary but I’ll do my best if you can handle this case.”
The case in question is a land dispute between two families, one of which is represented by the law firm Savage & Reese. Diane informs Kenneth that this is bad.

And everyone learns a very important lesson: Nathaniel is out there, and he could be anyone.



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