Sins of the Father

Flesh and Bone

What are you afraid of? And what are you made of?

It’s been nearly three weeks since our heroes returned from Michigan, and here is where things stand:

Mickey – After a couple of uneventful weeks spent working on Kenneth’s new house, Mickey decided to spend a weekend in Austin. Now she is forgotten, or ignored. But probably not abandoned.

Will – Got hired by Diane as a second bodyguard. To date, it has not been an exciting job. Most of his employment has been spent helping Diane shower and get to work. On August 24th, Diane asked him to let her and Kenneth have the house to themselves, and he spent the night on Reed’s couch and woke up… somewhere different. Became a Mage and now all of the faucets in the area are bleeding.

Reed – Things have not been going well for Reed. He’s been getting sicker and sicker. Then his brother needed him, made of sticks and feathers and cutting his arms open to get a look at the down. Tired of the hospital, Reed went home to get a night’s sleep, and let Will crash on his couch. Then Will freaked out, broke a window in Reed’s second story apartment, and jumped. Reed tried to stop him, tried to save him… and died. Then he got better?

Sophia – She’s been proving herself very talented and very useful because of her blood magic, but is definitely being kept at a distance. Probably also because of the blood magic. But Kenneth has been able to get Zak to agree to let her keep living on a day-to-day basis. She’s mostly been eating cows, except for that time she tried to eat a dog but ended up eating a man. It happens.

Kenneth – has been spending most of his time preparing to tangle in the courtroom against the forces of Savage & Reese. After one of Sophia’s visions, he’s worried that failure might mean the destruction of humanity and the onset of an apocalypse. On the same night that Reed died and Will went crazy, Kenneth had a very nice steak dinner and got laid.


Summary: It’s all on Kenneth’s shoulders to pick up this mess. No pressure dude.

Flesh and Bone

If the world ends next session, at least Kenneth got laid.

Flesh and Bone

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