Sins of the Father

"Don't forget the Shouting. Shouting's very important."

- Zak has gone off the grid, which is not that strange (unless maybe it is).

- Mickey’s job becomes even more complicated when an exorcism turns into a hospital trip for Will and necessitates another act of arson and a small act of forgery.

- On Sunday, Will learns from the very helpful Max that Kael’Adahn can bite souls. That night he receives 16 stitches, and a great deal more aggravation, when an exorcism does not go exactly as planned and a member of Hunter Cell Alpha takes flight.

- Reed gets his very own “My First Exorcism Kit® (shouting not included).” Reed also manages to find the wayward Nellie (and tells no one about it).

- Katherine finally gets her books organized and decides not to talk much to Rory, no matter how helpful he’s offering to be. Later, she offers her couch to Nellie (and tells no one about it).

- Kenneth spends a day digging around, literally and figuratively, in Beaumont. He learns that Malcolm Savage may have started his frat as early as the latter 1940’s, that his big case involves the Savage family (who were apparently concerned about the entry of devils), and that providing legal counsel is difficult when everyone wishes to remain anonymous.

- Diane tells everyone to be careful. Repeatedly. It doesn’t really help.

- The group has a meeting with some ghost hunters, who just want to help and believe in the validity of the oral tradition.

- Jacob sends out a late evening “S.O.S.” from somewhere north of Tennessee.

And everyone learns a very important lesson (feel free to chime in on what that lesson was).


Will learned that his time is probably better spent maintaining assets (read: keeping up friendly social contact with helpful people who deserve no ire or ill-will) than sleeping.

Fortunately for Will, not sleeping means no nightmares – supernatural or otherwise. So it’s kind of a win-win plan that evolves out of this lesson.

I mean, it’s not like he really needs that much sleep right?


Reed has learned to actually get sway with NPCs. Admittedly that’s because I as a player am incredibly bad at that. I assume that fraternizing happens off-screen, which is why Aleran is on good terms with his group even though I never RP any of their dialogue. In a game where these relationships actually have a mechanic, however, that’s going to have to be on-screen. I’ll chock this one up to Reed being melancholic, busy, and otherwise wrapped up in the supernatural.


I always assumed Aleran RPed with his school at sessions I wasn’t at. Since Grayden has to butter his followers up sometimes, I just assumed it was because I never got to see them. Interesting.


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